Southern California

We are currently in Southern California, not too far from Los Angles (50 miles). Tomorrow we head over to Las Vegas where we will be in another Thousand Trails park for two nights (no gambling though). This was our last day of three in this site and we wanted to drive in to Santa Monica to look up an old High School classmate. She is actually the person that introduced Ruthie and I. We have tried to call her but her phone was disconnected so we decided to just drive in and see if we could find her again. I had the wrong address and the people there had never heard of Joan Wall. We were here a few years ago (2010 we think) and we found her recovering from a fall in a rehab center. We didn’t get an answer at her old address so we left a note with my phone number. About 20 minutes later I got a call from a neighbor who sadly told us Joan had passed away a few months ago. We were not too surprised but still, it hurts some.

Okay…. now to photos. Below should be two sets of photos from recent camp sites. The first is from a National Forest site near Mount Shasta. The second is a set from near our current location. Check them out.

In this set we saw helicopters fighting a fire up above the Devils Punch Bowl park so I got out the long lens and shot both the Bowl and the forest fire.

Washington-Oregon Coast

Here are some photos from the last few days on the Washington and Oregon coast.

(Note: Scroll down for 2nd set)

Even More Below

Lake George Hike

Hiked up to Lake George in the Mt. Rainier National Park and spent the night. It was a deceptively tough hike because of the altitude gain. I met a Park Ranger and he let me visit a lookout site on Gobblers Knob. I also learned there was a Marine Memorial not too far away so I stopped on the way down to check it out.