A New Year

Time for changes!

It’s 2017 and time for me to update our web site. I have noticed that the
load time has drastically increased after I started placing photo galleries
on the Blog page (this column). To get back to better load times I am moving
all new photos to the “Photos” menu option which currently links to photos
by year. I will try to change out the quality of new photos so the sizes are
more appropriate for the web. All of this should make the site go back to
fast loading.

Right now we have not finalized plans for the summer. If all goes well and
we remain healthy, we will once again head out with the Travel Trailer for
another summer adventure. We know we will be in South Carolina for our
grandson’s (Robert Carey) high school graduation. After that.. who knows? We
will just have to wait and see.

Check back often; I plan to be more diligent in updating activities.


Hold You Up

This song is from the son of our longtime friend Rev. Billy Hires.

Web update from Texas

I have decent internet at this Texas campsite near Bridgeport so I’m doing a little update but the full photo sets will have to wait until I’m back in good old hot Orlando. Below is just a sample of some places and I have also added two sets (Hoover Dam and Desert Stars)┬áthat can be viewed by using the “Photos”, “2016” menu on the left.

Random Shots