Almost Christmas

Here it is almost Christmas! We’re getting ready to travel to Rhode Island to spend Christmas with our son Larry and his family. It is hard to leave our warm Florida home knowing we may be pretty cold for the next couple of weeks but we are anxious to see our Northern family.

This has been a pretty good year for us. We had a nice summer even though we didn’t get to visit the planned photo places. You can read about that over in our 2017 Christmas letter (with highlight photos). One of the highlights was having Dan Steenhagan fly out to Colorado and spend over two weeks with us. He and I got in some good hikes and visited some of the historic western towns in Colorado. Ruthie and I really missed having the Other Ruth with us though. 

If all goes well and we stay healthy my plan is to leave earlier next year in order to get down to the southwest before it gets too hot. I really have some photo sites planned that should be a lot of fun.

One last note: Ruthie didn’t mention in her newsletter but I have continued to hike each week with the Florida Trail group. It has really been a lot of fun and I look forward to a new hiking year starting in January.

God bless to all!

Latest from Colorado

We are approaching our last days in Colorado for this year. If you read this please let me know. In case you don’t know, Dan Steenhagen has been with us for the past two weeks. Dan & I have hiked almost every two days and we explored as much of Colorado as possible in those two weeks.

Currently we are camped in a commercial RV park about 15 miles from Colorado Springs. Our total time here will be 10 days and then Dan will fly back to Orlando and Ruthie and I will begin to head east. Not sure how long we will take but right now the plan is to be in Greenville SC on the 21st for the eclipse. We may change our mind and just head to Orlando but that is not likely. At any rate we should be home around the 25th of August.

Here are some photos (most are already on Facebook) from yesterday in Garden of the Gods park. Just click the album and then use the play button in the lower left or use the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons on the image.

Thanks for viewing this album


2017 Travel Update

Well we have been on the road for quite a while and this is the first time I have been able to post anything on our web site. Mostly that is because we seldom have decent Internet service. Today we are at a KOA in Amarillo Texas. We have been here for three days and will stay for one more.

We left Orlando on Memorial day and our first stop was Suwannee River State Park near Live Oak Fl. We only were there for one night and then on to one of our Thousand Trails sites near Greenville, SC. 

We attended our grandson Robert Carey’s HS graduation and then left for the West.

It has been a good trip until a little after leaving Tennessee. I had hiked about 6 miles there through some dense woods (at times) and I ended up with 20 Tick bites. At first I just put some local anti-itch creams on the bites but yesterday one of the bites infected so we found a good ER place and I was able to get a tetanus shot, two antibiotics pills and a different antibiotic cream. Today I’m much better.

I had intended to hike in Palo Duro Canyon here but after a visit on Wednesday we found we had been here in 2009. It was around 100 in the canyon yesterday, 104 today. My bites itch more in heat so we decided to just explore Amarillo and forego hiking for later (when Dan is with us).

Today we went to the Jack Sisemore RV Museum and checked it our. Pretty cool! Free too!

I put photos on FaceBook and also here on my website.

We have one more day here then off to Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Hopefully I can do a better job of our trip details for the rest of the trip.

The Orlando Eye

We visited the Orlando Eye last night using a Christmas gift from Carla & Jeff. It was not too crowded and we enjoyed the time. It is hard to compare but I think we enjoyed the London Eye a bit more but that was part of an exciting trip with our friends Dan & Ruth Steenhagan and also we were viewing London, not International Drive. Fun here though and we really appreciated the gift.


Start of Summer Plan

This is the outline for the outbound part of our summer trip 2017. We expect to leave Orlando near the end of May.

Click the Map for a larger Image